Using AI to Close More Sales

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We’ve all heard a great deal about artificial intelligence (AI) lately. Yes, there are new tools available on the market, but AI as a tool has been around for awhile. The good news is that human beings are still needed in the workplace, now more than ever. Sales, for example, is a very personal interaction in which a relationship needs to be built between two people. Each sales professional or small business owner approaches this task differently and that’s what makes them successful. It’s a unique exchange between individuals with shared values who want to work together. AI can help make more time for the personal interactions by automating some of the other tasks in your sales role. Let’s review some of these.

Presentation Design

AI can help you develop a strong presentation, particularly when it comes to the design aspects of your slideshow. You have the content already, but you want to make sure your presentation looks polished. Many slideshow programs now offer a design assistant that includes a variety of colour palettes, and implements best practices for font size and style, image selection and placement, design features and backgrounds, and overall aesthetic appeal. You may not have access to an actual graphic designer to work on your slides for you, but there’s no reason it can’t look like you did!

Target Audience

AI can also help you adapt your own content to your ideal customer profile. Let’s say you’re drafting an outline for a presentation, but you’re presenting to a group that you’ve never presented to before. You can use AI to tailor your message to that audience quite effectively. You must validate the information provided by AI against your own experience and expertise, but AI can increase efficiency, so you have more time to use your human-specific skills where needed most.

Quick Wins

For high-volume or time-intensive tasks like emails or social media posts, AI can help here too. Many people already use templates or quick parts to expedite outgoing emails or replies as well as draft social media content, and these tools are still helpful in conjunction with AI. AI is a great starting point for whatever you want to write. The result always requires you to add your own personality so your communication is authentic and resonates with your audience, but it saves valuable time when you could be completing other high-value tasks.

Best Practices

  • Always validate AI-generated content against your expertise and experience.
  • Use AI tools to focus on efficiencies so you have more time to use your human-specific skills where needed most.
  • Use AI as a starting point for generating content or use AI as a tool for making your own work look more professional.

Successful sales professionals and small business owners work smarter, not harder. Leverage all the tools at your disposal so you can do what you do best…sell!

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