B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable: The Sales Process That Gets Results


The culture of sales has changed in the last century. We live in the information age where businesses and consumers alike can access information with the click of their mouse. What does this mean for the modern sales representative? Today’s sales representative must be informed and ready to provide a unique selling proposition that will leverage their relationship with their buyer to create a sale.

B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable: The Sales Process That Gets Results offers a sales philosophy that can positively impact your sales and set you up for success. The B.U.D. factor represents the characteristics you need to embody in order to serve your customer and ultimately close more sales. This book examines the B.U.D. factor as it relates to each part of the sales process so you can be B.U.D.

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Social Sales Link Episode 135: The B.U.D. Sales Process

Thomas Ellis, the author of B.U.D.: The Sales Process That Gets Results, joins The LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman, to talk about the “Better, Unique, and Desirable” process and how it can help you win more clients and build strong relationships. Find out why Thomas believes in always making it about the customer and their journey. He recommends…

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B.U.D. Case Study: Patrick

Excerpt from B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable: The Sales Process That Gets Results. Patrick and I have been working together strategically for quite some time. He is a marketing professional and I’m a sales coach so what we do complements each other. Naturally, we tend to rub off on one another, which I would chalk up…

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FREE Sales Strategy Session!

BOWIE BIC Announcement – Come see me on October 20th for a FREE 30-minute one-on-one sales strategy session at the Bowie BIC (Bowie Business Innovation Center) located on the Bowie State Campus from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Only 5 spots available. Let me help you accelerate your sales! Call Crystal Clark at 301-383-1550. These spots fill…

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