EWC training workshops are categorized under two series, the Sales Performance Series and the Team Management Series. Our Team Management Series is designed for managers and corporate leaders, while our Sales Performance Series is recommended for sales professionals for all levels of the organization.

Sales Performance Series:

  • LinkedIn Techniques and Strategies
  • How to Propel Your Business Using LinkedIn 30 Minutes per Day
  • How to be B.U.D.
  • How to Get Meetings with Decision Makers
  • Developing a Pleasantly Persistent Follow-Up Strategy
  • Uncovering the Needs of Your Prospects
  • It’s Sales, Not Rocket Science – Simple Sales Tactics to Close More Business
  • Delivering Powerful Solution Presentations
  • Business-to-Business Selling 101
  • EWC’s Secret to Sales Success
  • Strategic Prospecting
  • Increasing Sales Revenues
  • Territory and Pipeline Management
  • First Appointment Sales Strategy
  • Negotiating and Closing the Sale
  • Gaining Client Referrals
  • Consultative Selling

Team Management Series:

  • Effective Sales Meetings
  • Building and Maintaining an Effective Sales Team
  • Motivating Low Sales Producers
  • Creating a Winning Environment
  • EWC’s Secret to Great Management
  • How to Become the Ultimate Team Coach
person giving a presentation to a room of professionals

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