Excerpt from Chapter 9: Follow Up

Follow up is one of the most integral components in the sales process. No prospect makes a decision to accept your product or service the first day you walk through their doors or pick up the phone. It requires persistent effort, and this is where follow up comes in.

One of the key mistakes sales professionals make is simply giving up too soon. There are going to be sales that close very quickly with little effort but there are also going to be those that require consistent follow up to achieve your goal.

When it comes to marketing messages, it is common knowledge that it takes at least seven times for a person to hear that message before it registers, or they take action. Use this as a test when you are in the follow up process with your prospect. Never assume that you are bothering the prospect by simply communicating with them on a consistent basis. Follow your prospect’s queue when it comes to follow up. Find out the way they like to communicate and use that method. Ask them if it’s okay to follow up on a weekly, monthly basis to check the status of their process. Prospects can be fickle when it comes to making decisions. They could tell you today that they are not looking to make a change and change their mind in a few months when you check in with them. However, if you don’t have time scheduled to follow up with them, you may miss out on an opportunity to close a sale.

This is why I adapted the part of my B.U.D. philosophy that I call pleasantly persistent. By staying in regular communication with your customer, you can ensure that you stay top of mind when they are finally ready to make a decision. Don’t take yourself out of the loop. One of the keys to staying pleasantly persistent is to diversify your communication so that it never becomes stale, and it doesn’t feel like you’re saying the same thing every time you reach out to them. I’ve broken down this process into seven steps…

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