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I have a passion for helping sales professionals truly understand how to obtain success in sales. At EWC, we provide customized sales training to help sales teams, business owners, and sales professionals master the basic sales activities which lead to closing big deals. This sales methodology is repeatable, easy to learn, and will get you the results you desire!

The sales training programs that we offer simplify the sales process, rather than overcomplicate it, by focusing on the fundamentals. Some of the sessions topics include:

– It’s Sales, Not Rocket Science – Simple Sales Tactics to Close More Sales
– Developing a Pleasantly Persistent Follow-Up Strategy
– How to Be B.U.D. – Better, Unique, & Desirable
– LinkedIn Techniques and Strategies
– How to Propel Your Business Using LinkedIn 30 Minutes per Day

I’m looking for sales teams, small business owners (commercial and federal), and individual sales professionals, who are ready to get more results this year, to be successful in mastering the basics, and want a proven sales winner to work with them step by step until they achieve results!

When you’re ready to make every sales day count, please reach out to me. Whether or not we decide to do business together, I am confident that our call will be full of insight and actionable steps that can help you make more sales!

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