The B.U.D. Factor – An Easy Way to Close More Sales

Join this training to learn the process of making a sale. Even though you want to set target sales numbers, think of these targets as your prospective customers as who already want or need what is being sold. Such prospects and sales need only be “closed”. This training will help you, the business owner, learn…

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Building a LinkedIn Profile that Attracts New Customers

LinkedIn is the #1 social network with over 750 million + members where professionals build their brand to attract their ideal customers. Participants will learn how to: – Build a dynamic headline – Build a Banner – Write your about section – Learn to connect and engage with your new connections

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Be Bold in 2023

Did you know that most people have already quit their new year’s resolutions? That’s because new year’s resolutions are often a “quick fix” for something that really requires a major overhaul. And coming out of the pandemic, people are looking for the quick fix now more than ever. It’s not an easy world that we…

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Propel Your Sales Using LinkedIn 30 Minutes Per Day

Attend this training and increase your effectiveness using LinkedIn which can lead to better face-to-face meetings. Join this training session to learn:- How to customize your LinkedIn profile- A strategy to engage potential customers- Three daily must do activities- How to become an SME Date: 2/23/2023Time: 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM (EST)Presenter: Thomas Ellis Chief Sales Coach…

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Social Sales Link Episode 135: The B.U.D. Sales Process

Thomas Ellis, the author of B.U.D.: The Sales Process That Gets Results, joins The LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman, to talk about the “Better, Unique, and Desirable” process and how it can help you win more clients and build strong relationships. Find out why Thomas believes in always making it about the customer and their journey. He recommends…

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B.U.D. Case Study: Patrick

Patrick and I have been working together strategically for quite some time. He is a marketing professional and I’m a sales coach so what we do complements each other. Naturally, we tend to rub off on one another, which I would chalk up to iron sharpening iron. A valuable lesson Patrick learned at one of…

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FREE Sales Strategy Session!

Come see me on October 20th for a FREE 30-minute one-on-one sales strategy session at the Bowie BIC (Bowie Business Innovation Center) located on the Bowie State Campus from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Only 5 spots available. Let me help you accelerate your sales!

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Scale Your Sales: Close Big Deals With Easy Sales Strategies

In this episode of Scale Your Sales podcast Thomas Ellis talks about being Better, Unique, and Desirable “B.U.D.” Thomas has been in the sales industry for over 35 years working in corporate America, managing a team of sales managers and 60 sales professionals and then moving into his coaching business. 

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A Different Profile for the Future of Sales

Sales has changed drastically over the years. Most sales professionals aren’t the slick, over the top personalities that we stereotypically think of in movies and shows. However, there are many traits that salespeople have needed in order to be successful. They need to be outgoing, confident, social, charismatic, and versatile, among many others. The future…

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