B.U.D. Case Study: Vince

Excerpt from B.U.D. Better, Unique, & Desirable: The Sales Process That Gets Results

I met Vince at the Institute for Excellence in Sales. After getting to know each other, I learned that he had a need for guidance in leading and driving results with his sales team. He had a specific desire to train his new sales representatives and develop a plan to get them up to speed and productive quickly.

Vince sought my assistance in teaching the fundamentals of sales to his team. To quote Vince who likes to use sport analogies, “to play good football, you have to block and tackle.” He wanted to implement this train of thought with his team. Vince appreciated my approach of breaking sales down into small bite-sized pieces that his team could digest. I understand that too much information results in overload and a team that is lack luster and unmotivated. When you are able to teach in small chunks that the team can digest, it allows them to celebrate small successes along the way, showing them visible progress on their journey. The reality is sales is not complicated. It really is quite simple, but simple does not equate to easy.

Vince and his team really latched on to my B.U.D. and prospecting strategy to build their sales. Even the senior sales representatives were able to learn something to improve their strategy after my training session. The team was very receptive, and they found my approach to align directly with their needs.

The result of my training was an increase in performance among the junior sales representatives, along with the adaptation of new skill sets to put to use in their daily sales habits.

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