Be Bold in 2023


Did you know that most people have already quit their new year’s resolutions? That’s because new year’s resolutions are often a “quick fix” for something that really requires  a major overhaul. And coming out of the pandemic, people are looking for the quick fix now more than ever. It’s not an easy world that we live in.

But there isn’t a quick fix for real success. You have to do the hard work. There’s only so much of you to give, only so many hours in a day. What is the answer? You need to truly focus on high-value activities. Make the most of your time and effort, provide the most value for your customers, retain the most value for yourself.

In other words, be bold. Sift through the mental, behavioral, and physical clutter and prioritize, ruthlessly. Prioritize that which serves you well and cut out the rest. Here are a few strategies to consider:

  1. Admit your successes and failures. Take time to analyze what worked for you last year and what did not.
  2. Move forward, not backward. Set realistic goals that will continue to move you incrementally forward. Discard any habits that are not moving you forward.
  3. Take responsibility. Move beyond explanations for poor performance and into problem-solving mode.
  4. An open mindset = open-ended questions. Instead of focusing on having all the answers, focus on asking the right questions.
  5. Be present. Be mindful and give your customer the attention they deserve.
  6. Technology is just a tool. Use technology but don’t let it use you; real, in-person connections are better.
  7. Practice gratitude. Nurture relationships with your customers; one happy, loyal, repeat customer is worth five new ones.
  8. Always keep learning. Your customers are your teachers; always be a student and they will always share their wisdom.
  9. Don’t sell on price. Price is not the sole or primary reason people buy from you. Selling on price is a short-term tactic, not a long-term strategy.
  10. Authenticity is best. Differentiate yourself, differentiate your company. You are a united front.

Give your customers what they want. Achieve what you want. Share your success with your organization. Be bold in 2023.

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